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Playing Wordscapes or Wordscapes in Bloom? Great! So are we! And we’re here to help you win. We have the Wordscapes cheat you need, offering the best Wordscapes answers in the business. Need a word? We’ve literally got thousands of them for you.

Stuck on a level? We’ve got the full solutions, complete with bonus words for extra coins. Just enter the Wordscapes level, pack or group in the search bar above, or browse through all the answers to quickly advance through the levels in the game. Our free Wordscapes word finder is at your service.

What Is Wordscapes?

You could say Wordscapes is nothing so much as a crossword puzzle without the clues. Wordscapes, published by PeopleFun, is more than that, though! A big difference is that you can’t just throw any old letters in any old order on the board. Instead, Wordscapes presents players with a wheel of letters and a crossword-like interconnected set of blanks. Fill in the blanks with the letters. It’s as simple as that!

Well, no. If it really was as simple as that, it wouldn’t be any fun. And it wouldn’t be much of a challenge. Instead, Wordscapes requires tough lateral thinking and an ever-growing vocabulary. Like a crossword puzzle, Wordscapes requires you to provide specific words to fit specific blanks on the board.

Unlike a crossword puzzle, there are no hints to guide you. So, there is a definite sense of trial and error here as you try to find any and all words that may fit into those spaces for each Wordscapes level.

How to Play Wordscapes

Naturally, the first thing you’ll need to do to play Wordscapes is to get the game itself. The main Wordscapes game and Wordscapes in Bloom (which is the same game with different background images) are both available for Google Android and Apple iOS devices. Find them in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, respectively. Many people play Wordscapes daily on their mobile devices.

But, did you know you can play Wordscapes on your computer too? You can download Wordscapes on your PC or play Wordscapes online with no download, if you prefer.

To play Wordscapes:

1. Launch the Wordscapes app.

2. Tap on the level number in the middle of your screen.

3. You’ll see the crossword puzzle-like board in the top half and your wheel of available letters in the bottom half.

4. Swipe between the letters to connect them and form words. These words must be at least three letters long or, in some levels, at least four letters long.

5. If the word is in the puzzle, it’ll appear in its place.

6. Valid words that aren’t in the puzzle count as Wordscapes bonus words. These earn you bonus coins. Use coins to buy additional power-ups.

7. Surrounding the wheel are the icons for Shuffle, Bullseye, Lightbulb, Rocket Pop and Spelling Bee. Shuffle rearranges the letters. The first of the Wordscapes power-ups is the Bullseye; it reveals any one square in the puzzle. The Lightbulb reveals a whole word. The Rocket Pop reveals multiple letters at random. And the Spelling Bee reveals letters and drops coins.

8. The level is complete when you find all the Wordscapes puzzle answers and completely fill the board.

9. There is no time limit, nor are there any penalties for trying to play incorrect words.

So, let’s say for example that you’re on Wordscapes level 124. That’s in the Arch pack as part of the Canyon group of Wordscapes levels. For level 124, you have the letters EGMORU. Among the 16 required Wordscapes puzzle answers for this level are EURO, GERM, OGRE and MORGUE. The word MORGUE includes the O from EURO, and it also intersects with GERM, sharing the letter G. Bonus words include ERG, ERGO and GOER.

Our convenient Wordscapes answer pages not only list all the words you need to play (plus bonus words), but they also display the words on the level’s board layout too. That way, you know exactly which word belongs where. Whether you’re stuck on Wordscapes level 85 or need help with Wordscapes level 230, we’ve got the full solution for you.

Wordscapes Tips and Tricks

Need some Wordscapes help to pass a tricky level? There’s always our handy-dandy search tool above where you can find the full Wordscapes answers to any level in any pack or group. That’s probably why you’re here. But, before you jump straight to the complete Wordscapes cheat list, you might want to give it a go on your own.

Here are some big Wordscapes tips for pwning even the most pernicious puzzles in the popular word game.

Go Big, Go Home

Play for the longest word first. Like a crossword puzzle, often the longer a word is, the more letters it pops into the other words. With a little luck, you can work out an entire puzzle in one big play. Leverage that interconnectedness in your favor.

Iterate, Conjugate, Dominate!

If a singular word doesn’t work, try plural. If a plural word doesn’t work, try singular. Even when the singular word works, always try the plural if you’ve got an S. Likewise with the other way around. CUP could be CUPS, just as HATS could be HAT.

And if a verb doesn’t work, see if you can swipe in an -ed, an -ing, or an -s. BEND may also yield BENDED, BENDING or BENDS.

Go Nuts With Every Combo

Well, not completely nuts. Don’t paint on a bunch of woad and sacrifice your phone to the God of Word Nerds. But, do try absolutely every possible combination you can think of. If you know you need a 3-letter word that starts with C, it’s a good idea to try every consonant-vowel-consonant combo you can find. Then, try consonant-consonant-vowel combos too, like CRY. Anything that even looks remotely like a valid word (and even if it doesn’t) is worth a try.

Remember that every real word is worth a coin, even if it doesn’t fit into the puzzle. Play all the Wordscapes answers for maximum coinage!

Winning Wordscapes Tournaments

Getting in the swing (or swipe!) of things and ready to tackle the next challenge? Here’s a quick primer on what you need to know about Wordscapes tournaments and how they work.

Star Tournaments are individual, pitting you against 99 other players from around the world. Team Tournaments are played in teams. Wordscapes tournaments typically run from Friday evening to Sunday evening every weekend. Tournament icons appear on the left side of the main screen when you can enter.

In both cases, the objective is to rack up as many stars as you can. You earn stars for every word you play on a regular level, including bonus words, but not including the Wordscapes daily puzzle. When the tournament ends, players and teams with the most stars earn rewards, including coins and crowns.

You’ll want to keep our page bookmarked for the weekly Wordscapes tournaments!

Wordscapes Answers for Master Levels

In the early levels of Wordscapes, you probably have no problem rearranging the letters in CTA to form the word CAT. Maybe it took you a little longer to find the word SPICY using the letters YCRPIS. When you get to the Wordscapes Master levels though, starting on level 6001, you’ll definitely be in for a much bigger challenge!

Luckily for you, we have the full Wordscapes cheats and answers for thousands of Wordscapes Master levels, including bonus words. These are perfect for racking up those stars in Wordscapes tournaments, especially when you’ve already progressed to this elite level of swiping letters and forming words.

Wordscapes Word Finder

Wordscapes is one of the best of the circle-swiping family of word games. The setting is relaxing and the music is chill. The whole tone is just right for soothing your mood as you wait for the bus or take some self-care time at work. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss you’re playing Wordscapes when you should be filling out those TPS reports.

But, at the risk of harshing your mellow, remember that you’ve got to play to win! Use our Wordscapes solver with its comprehensive list of Wordscapes puzzle answers to elevate your play to the next level. Literally! We’ve made it super easy for you. And don’t forget to play all those Wordscapes bonus words too.