All Answers for Wordscapes

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What Is Wordscapes?

Wordscapes is nothing so much as a crossword puzzle without the clues. The game presents a wheel of letters and a crossword-like interconnected set of blanks. Fill the blanks with the letters. It’s as simple as that!

Well, no. If it was as simple as that, it wouldn’t be any fun. Wordscapes requires tough lateral thinking and a big vocabulary. Like a crossword puzzle, Wordscapes requires specific words to fit specific blanks. Unlike a crossword puzzle, there are no hints to guide you.

Wordscapes Tips and Tricks

Aside from using WordFinder’s handy-dandy word game search tool, here are three tips for pwning even the most pernicious puzzles in Wordscapes.

1. Go Big, Go Home. Play for the longest word first. Like a crossword puzzle, often the longer a word is, the more letters it pops into the other words. With a little luck, you can work out an entire puzzle in one big play.

2. Iterate! If a singular word doesn’t work, try plural. If a plural word doesn’t work, try singular. If a verb doesn’t work, see if you can swipe in an -ed or an -ing.

3. Go Nuts! Well, not completely nuts. Don’t paint on a bunch of woad and sacrifice your phone to the God of Word Nerds (hey, that’s us!). But do try absolutely every combination you can think of. Remember, every real word is worth a token, even if it doesn’t fit into the puzzle.

Wordscapes is one of the best of the circle-swiping family of word games. The setting is relaxing, the music is chill, the whole tone is just right for soothing your mood as you wait for a bus or take some self-care time at work. But at the risk of harshing your mellow, play to win! Use WordFinder’s tips and cheats for Wordscapes to take your play to the next level.